The DNA of a company is its people.
I started work in the late 1970s, a time before CAD, mobile phones and GIS; and my professional career has seen a step change in the use of technology in the design office. This has required an exponential increase in our investment in IT and in training our people in its effective use. We place a high premium on developing and extending the skills base of our team.

Our office is young, mixed and growing. We value flexibility in the workplace and a sound balance in work life, and so everyone has an opportunity to work at least one day a week from home. Modern technology enables this new way of working. The practice is committed to maintaining an equal opportunity working environment.

Our skills base includes landscape design, urban design, historic conservation, town planning, garden design and journalist and academic writing. We also have an extensive network of collaborationists in fields such as ecology, 3d modelling and the production of photomontages.

My work has included local authorities as well as the private sector. I have worked all over the UK; in Europe and in the Far East.

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