All work comes from a client. Such a client can be an individual; a company; a local authority; or a government agency. It can be be from the private or public sector, or from the voluntary or community sector. All of our work is referred or repeat commissions. We do not advertise or lobby.

Why do clients come to us?

It is because the client has to solve a problem whose solution hitherto has eluded them. It can be a design problem; it is always a planning problem. It can be new development requiring imaginative masterplanning with sound judgement; urban, city space or semi-natural greenspace; design or management.

Whatever the scope of work, all of our commissions require the coming together of the client and us. Most require the coming together of a much larger team. That is why we believe all our jobs are base upon the idea of collaboration, which we define as two or more people working together towards shared goals.

At the heart of our work is the design of space and the endowing of that space with character. To do this requires a combination of good analysis, good design and good exposition.

That is what we offer. That is what we deliver.